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Brighton 2022

Keynote Speakers

Jeffrey Jordan

President and Founder, Rescue

Jeffrey will be presening a talk at the conference entitled "Introducing the Intentional Equity Framework: How to Design Equitable Social Marketing Campaigns"

Nearly every public health communications campaign includes health equity as an objective. But marketing channels are fundamentally inequitable, and campaigns that are not intentionallyequitable end up being unintentionallyinequitable. Health communicators must approach marketing channels with an understanding of their inherent biases and implement strategies to overcome those biases to design and implement truly equitable health communications campaigns.

Jeffrey is President and Founder of Rescue Agency, a behavior change marketing agency focused on making healthy behaviors easier and more appealing. His passion for social change began in high school when he started Rescue at the age of 17. While growing Rescue, Jeff studied Marketing for his undergraduate degree and received a Master’s in Experimental Psychology. He has led Rescue to manage dozens of behavior change programs across North America, tackling issues such as tobacco, obesity and violence. Rescue’s work includes the FDA's national tobacco prevention campaign for multicultural teens and its LGBTQ+ young adult effort, as well as active contracts with over a dozen state and local health departments. 

Jeffrey has presented keynote and plenary presentations at dozens of conferences including the Agents of Change Summit; CDC's Health Communications, Marketing, and Media Conference; the World Social Marketing Conference; and more. 

Links: @jeffreywjordan / / @rescueagency

Sayantan Ghosal

Professor of Economics, Adam Smith Business School & Dean of Interdisciplinarity and Impact at the Colege of Social Sciences, University of Glasgow

Sayantan will be bring a new perspective to social change through economics at the conference and will present his inspiring and pioneering work in Kolkata addressing inequalities, stigma and self-image of sex workers. Hear an engrossing tale of how a journey to provide economic safety and security for this marginalised and often at risk group grew into a wider and more powerful platform for positive change.

Sayantan is Professor of Economics at the Adam Smith Business School and Dean of Interdisciplinarity and Impact at the Colege of Social Sciences. He was a Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick from 2004 to 2013 where he was Research Director of the ESRC funded Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE). He also has a PhD from CORE, Universite Catholique de Louvain under the European Doctoral Program in Quantitative Economics. 

Sayantan undertakes a number of activities; he: 

  • co-ordinates the interdisciplinary network “Behavior, Structure and Interventions”at the University of Glasgow
  • is the academic lead for the ESRC funded Impact Acceleration Account at Glasgow
  • is an academic ambassador for the research beacon “Addressing Inequalities
  • is a co-investigator on the ESRC funded “Rebuilding Macroeconomics Network”, and
  • is the Principal Investigator in an ESRC-DFID funded project based in India starting in March 2018.

He is also also:

  • a member of the ESRC Capability Committee,
  • an external Research Fellow for ESRC Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE) where he was Research Director from 2010 - 2012

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