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The 6th European Social Marketing Conference for Behavioural and Social Change

Enabling Change: Strategies for Inclusion, Equity, Wellbeing and Sustainability

Unlock Your Potential: Enhance Your Skills at ESMC Workshops

Join us for a morning of immersive learning at the European Social Marketing Conference (ESMC) with our exclusive series of skills workshops. Delve into practical, hands-on sessions designed to empower social marketing and behavior change professionals like you.

Why Attend the Workshops?

  • Intimate Learning Environment: Benefit from small-group settings that foster personalized attention and interaction with industry experts.

  • Practical Skill Development: Gain actionable insights and strategies to enhance your toolkit, from campaign planning to audience segmentation and beyond.

  • Tailored for Professionals: Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just starting your journey, these workshops offer valuable opportunities for personal and professional growth.

All Skills workshops will take place on Monday 4 November from either 8.00 / 9.00 AM to 12.30 PM

  • Refreshments and learning materials will be provided
  • Lunch will be provided ahead of the main conference beginning at 1.30 PM
Skills workshops are exclusively available to ESMC conference attendees and attendance my be purchased as part of your conference registration. 


The Right Tools for Success

Workshop leaders:
Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, Griffith, Australia & Jessica Harris, Griffith, Australia

Learn how to apply tools and approaches to effectively map theories onto your programs and evaluations to achieve increased rates of behaviour change.


What you will learn

  • Why theory is important
  • How to apply theory to your programs and evaluations
  • Theory mapping tools
  • About a range of different theories you can apply to improve program outcomes

What you will achieve

By the end of this workshop, you‘ll be able to:

  • Build theory into your own practice
  • Understand the benefits of theory application
  • See results from theory informed campaigns 
  • Introduce theory into your work

Getting Published

Workshop leaders
Prof. Thomas Anker, University of Dundee, UK

The majority of new submissions are desk rejected and around half of all papers are rejected after first round of review. You can raise your chances of getting published by thinking more about the demand side of publication: What are editors looking for and how can you best satisfy these demands whilst making original contributions to new knowledge? This is the overarching focus of the workshop.

We open with an introduction to the key aspects of writing for publication in academic journals in business and management. The following topics will be covered: identifying target journals; crafting titles and abstracts; contribution statements and positioning; narrative and meta-narrative; the importance and role of theory and theoretical contributions; discussion sections as sense-makers, differentiators and pathways to future research; the key quality criteria of originality, rigour and significance. The first part of the workshop concludes with a reflection on journal rankings – why they matter and why they shouldn’t.

After the break, participants will work on several hands-on tasks, putting some of the main learning points into practice.

The workshop is open to all but targeted at early career researchers.

Presentation Skills

Workshop leaders
Prof. Jeff French, Strategic Social Marketing / iSMA

This session will provide a masterclass of tips and advice about presenting research or case studies. An invaluable session for anyone who is a regular conference goer or new to giving public presentations.

Researching Your Audience

Practice the skills to conduct in-depth research to inform audience-led social marketing programmes

Workshop leaders

Rita Brophy FMRS; ESMA Board Member & Research Practitioner

The course is designed and delivered by an ESMA Board member, Rita Brophy. Rita is a UK based social researcher, specialising in insight & strategy to inform social marketing programmes. She will draw upon examples from her work to illustrate the teaching in this workshop and will use the Stela social marketing tool to demonstrate the role of research at each stage of a social marketing programme.

The first half of the workshop will be an upbeat presentation from Rita about the role of research in social marketing, covering the basics of qualitative and quantitative research and the increasing opportunities for 'blended’ approaches due to advances in technology.

The second half of the workshop will give delegates the opportunity to get creative by practicing some qualitative research techniques in small groups. These will include: discussion guide design, open questioning, empathetic listening and using projective & enabling techniques to elicit in-depth insight.

Outcomes: This workshop is ideal for anyone wishing to learn more about research and it’s role in social marketing from a hands-on, practicing research professional with 20+ years experience in the field.

Whilst the skills you will develop are useful when planning & conducting a qualitative research study, they can also be also useful in many other situations, including one-to-one interviews, team building events, creative workshops, ideation sessions etc.

The workshop will be upbeat, creative and insightful – we hope to see you there!



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