We are hughely thankful for the support of the following organisations who have enabled the conference to take place. 

We are a private, non-profit foundation that, through partnerships with the public and private sectors, drives high-impact projects and initiatives contributing to the comprehensive and sustainable development of Cali, Valle del Cauca, and the Pacific region.

We exist thanks to the contributions of companies committed to bridging gaps, territorial development , and the well-being of citizens. We operate without political bias and with a long- term vision.

At ProPacífico, we are convinced that by working together, we have #ThePowerToAdvance.

We are the Caicedo González Riopaila Castilla Foundation, the expression of Riopaila Castilla's social commitment, which for 65 years has been generating social transformations so that the most vulnerable populations can access their rights and improve their living conditions, so that they can be the protagonists of their own development.

The Secretariat  of Tourism is the organism in charge of leading the planning and management of policies, plans, programs, projects and strategies for the Productive and Commercial Development of Tourism, promoting the articulated and innovative development of different tourism modalities and products. In partnership with the different actors of the productive chain and other strategic sectors to encourage the generation of income, employment and entrepreneurship with a territorial, population and environmental sustainability approach. Therefore, the Secretariat of Tourism is an organization committed to the development of the city and its entire population.

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