An event to bring together anyone working to encourage and enable positive health, social and environmental change

What will happen at the conference

New ideas and evidence will be presented by thought leaders, practitioners, students and those with a passion for making positive behaviour change happen in their community, through their business or through the application of impactful and insightful projects.

The event will bring together practitioners, academics, policy makers, researchers and industry experts to explore and create moments of exchange around a range of live social issues.


Morning Sessions


Throughout the event there will be opportunities to network with other attendees and make new connections, but also take part in optional 'round table' sessions during coffee breaks where problem solving sessions will be facilitated.






The morning of the conference will present an engaging set of Keynote presentations. The theme for our opening sessions is New ways of thinking & how to foster a wider lens to approach social impact . These sessions are aimed to reinforce the idea that the event is bringing together different sectors with 'purpose' in an applied, practical and meaningful way to start new partnerships.

Our keynotes will be followed up by a series of short, inspiring talks to provide insights into consumer behaviour.  Discussing what is working well and offering insight into different sector approaches and  challenges that can be taken into the afternoon problem solving sessions.


Afternoon Sessions


Our afternoon sessions will offer attendees the chance to really get stuck into some meaningful conversations about diverse approaches they have used or seek to improve in their own work. 

The first half of the afternoon will be dedicated to a range of topic focused exploration sessions where participants from different sectors can share examples and problem solving methodologies to offer new ways of thinking and doing.  Topics will reducing poverty, gender equality, health and wellbeing and climate action. Each group will be hosted by an expert facilitator who will help to create a range of outcomes including new proposed solutions, to register ‘new ways of doing’ and ‘new connections to do it with’ from these cross-sector discussions.

In the second half of the afternoon our topic groups will reconvene to run 'What's next?' sessions, focused on ideal follow-ups or ideas for further action. These facilitated sessions will ask the groups what support is needed to make their solutions possible and how could a network accelerate this through activities such as knowledge transfer partnerships, creation of further opportunities, funding, new projects, policy changes or other requirements?


After the official close of the event all attendees will be offered the chance to continue their conversations at a brief reception in the newly revamped Brighton Business School at Mithras House.

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