Marketing for Social Change UK

“New thinking, practice and partnerships”

Fostering a cross sector approach to help share, explore and co-produce solutions to health, social and environmental challenges.

The mission of Marketing for Social Impact UK is to act as a vehicle to help build a movement dedicated to capturing, spreading and nurturing good practice not only in Social Marketing but also in brand purpose marketing, CSR, social enterprise, design, social business and myriad associated and integral disciplines. The event is all about creative moments for cross-sector action to help tackle both the UN SDGs and wider social issues here in the UK.

What happens at the conference?

New ideas and evidence will be presented at the conference by thought leaders, practitioners, students and those with a passion for making positive behaviour change happen in their community, through their business or through the application of impactful and insightful projects. The event will bring together practitioners, academics, policy makers, researchers and industry experts to explore and create moments of exchange around a range of live social issues.

How can I take part?

The best way to take part is simply to attend the event! However, If you have a case study, workshop idea, interactive learning session, new theory or research findings which you wish to present at the conference, then simply contact the team at info@wsmconference.com

Who is the event for? 

The event will bring together those working in the public, private and third sectors to take a whole systems approach to encouraging and enabling positive health, social and environmental change.

Blending social marketing, brand purpose marketing, CSR and social enterprise,  academics and practitioners will explore how business can be part of the solution to tackling societal issues.

Our intention is to engage with UK based professionals and academics who work in five key sectors:

  1. Social Purpose
  2. Brand Purpose Marketing
  3. Social Marketing
  4. Social Enterprise
  5. Corporate Social Responsibility

We are very fortunate to have the University of Brighton School of Business and Law (BBS) provide support to this event and be our host. The entire Marketing for Social Impact team are extremely excited that BBS will act as a key supporting partner for the event providing not only a location, but internal expertise, curation of the event programme, and facilitation of sessions along with a range of other support to the wider project team.
BBS are also instrumental in allowing the event to feature an exhibition of student work tackling the SDGs. In a further commitment to creating a firm legacy from the event, the University will also provide information and support for the establishment of Knowledge Transfer Partnership projects and other enterprise and research collaborations arising from the event.

Our Supporters

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